We know that it takes money to go on these trips. We also know not every church is these kind of resources. Here are a few helpful ideas that we have seen work in the past. Please feel free to try these or make suggestions that we can add to the page. Please use the contact form on the Contact page if you need any more assistance.


Many churches use this and make these trips more affordable by establishing a payment plan. Divide the total cost into 3 or 4 payments. Make sure to emphasize the Deposit. People will sign up for trips all year long but they are more likely to go when they put money down on the trip.

Also have a cut-off date. Students will wait until after the last minute to sign-up and even put down a deposit for a trip. Give your self plenty of time to plan by making the deposit far enough out from the event.

We do the same thing with the church deposit for the Conference. Many churches will tell you they are coming to your event but deposits will give you the actual number.



Fundraisers can be fun if you make them that way. There are many of you who are well adept at doing these events. Try to have events where everyone can be involved.

CAR WASHES- Donation and Per Car



CAKE AUCTION- Boones Chapel has made this an annual event. We have raised thousands of dollars over the years. Have people bake cakes and let the students present them. Make sure to have a fun “auctioneer.” Also make sure everyone knows exactly why they are bidding on cakes.

*Please let us know if there is something your church does that is effective.



FOOD ROOM- Another idea that Boones Chapel learned at Winter Blast. Have a designated room for food. Many kids won’t have the extra money to eat out.

Breakfast- Pop Tarts, Muffins, Pastries (Simple and inexpensive)

Lunch- Bread, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Sandwich Meat and Potato Chips. Kids can come make a sandwich for lunch.

Supper- Have a Pizza Night. Local Pizza places will usually give you a deal on large orders.

*Please give us any ideas you might have